Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Life Update ♥

Hi girls!

I've noticed that my blog is becoming less beauty/fashion based and more life-style which I don't mind. I'm ridiculously nosey and love reading other people's lifestyle blogs. I don't know why seeing what people have been up to interests me so much but it does!

April was a fun month, I got to celebrate two of my housemate's 21st and my favourite club in Manchester! The night is quite blurry but we had the best time 'cause we were in the VIP section and the night ended with my friend Alex falling over in the middle of the club - always funny.

I'm not having the best time at the minute because I'm working towards my exams, which start 25th May. I know nobody enjoys revising but I think I hate exam-season a tiny bit more than anyone else! I always seem to think of a million things I want to do/watch/read and I can't because my days are spent stuck in the library. I couldn't be more relieved that these are my final exams ever (I hope).

Despite my boring weekdays stuck in the library with weird heavy breathers putting me off my revision, I had a good weekend last week. It was my uncle's 50th birthday party so I headed home for that. A family party might not be every 21 year old girl's idea of a good time but I had SO much fun! Probably due to the fact I have the best family in the world. And I'm finally old enough to enjoy myself at family parties without getting in trouble for being drunk. The party was at a veryy posh hotel and we had a room for the night (which was great to sneak back to top up our drinks with handbag vodka). The party itself went on til 2.30am, but the resident's bar was 24hr and my cousin's boyfriend signed for his last drink at 4.05am so it's safe to say we had a late night!

Breakfast at 9am wasn't fun the next day. I passed out on the sofa watching the Kardashians as soon as I got home and then headed back to Manchester to get back on the revision bandwagon :( Only two more weeks until exams are over and the fun can begin! Two weeks of non-stop celebrating, but I am going to be so sad to say goodbye to everyone. I can't believe how fast 3 years has gone! It feels like yesterday we were all moving into our halls, trying not to cry at the disgusting mint green breeze block walls!

Me and my housemates have made a bucket list for everything we want to do before we leave - it includes all the nights out we've loved the most over the past 3 years, our favourite takeaways & a few other silly/vulgar things. As creative as ever, I wrote the whole list out on A3 sheets and they're currently stuck up in the living room!

The only things getting me through boring revision season:
♥ my new jelly belly candle in toasted marshmallow. sickly sweet but I love it!
♥ the book i'm reading, Insurgent - the sequel to Divergent
♥ catching up on american tv shows online, including: extreme couponing, i didn't know i was pregnant, the hills and my fave - make it or break it
♥ weekend plans to get a huge takeaway and watch harry potter films all night!

Speaking of takeaway, I've decided to try and cut down on the junk food (until Saturday at least). I managed to eat healthy for a few weeks over Easter and my clothes definitely felt loose and more comfortable. But I slowly slipped back into my old habits (excessive amounts of chocolate, macdonalds big macs etc) but I'm determined to get back into healthy eating! Drinking lots of water, swapping white bread for wholemeal, swapping chocolate and crisps for special k cereal bars. I really don't wanna feel like a whale in summer so I need to stick to this, if it kills me!

I think my next two posts are going to be an empties post and a post about my amazing new heels and clutch back.

Lots of love,


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